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The mission of the Mathematics program at VSU is to produce graduates for productive careers and advanced study in mathematics by providing challenging academic opportunities offered by accomplished and experienced faculty. Five curricula of study or concentrations are offered leading to the Bachelor of Science Degree (B.S.) in Mathematics:

Mathematics Concentration provides students with a general pure and applied mathematics background, enabling entry to the job market or graduate study in advanced mathematics with relevant science and computer training. A minimum of 48 hours in Mathematics, 12 hours in restricted electives and 8 hours in Computer Science is required.

The Mathematics /Actuarial Science Concentration develops the background necessary for students to pursue opportunities as actuaries in the insurance industry, investment companies, banking, financial management and consulting firms. Emphasis is placed upon the understanding of mathematical concepts and the application of statistical and probability procedures employed in the financial sector. A minimum of 30 hours in Mathematics and 15 hours in Statistics and 8 hours in Computer Science is required.

The Mathematics with Minor in Secondary Education Program prepares students with an endorsement in mathematics at the secondary school level. The emphasis in the final semester is on student teaching. A minimum of 45 hours in Mathematics and Statistics and 4 hours in Computer Science is required.

Cooperative Engineering 3+2 Program enables students to obtain a joint degree in conjunction with Old Dominion University (ODU). This five-year program permits students to complete three years of study at Virginia State University (VSU) and two years of study at ODU. Graduates are awarded a B.S. degree in Mathematics from Virginia State University and a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Mechanical or Civil Engineering from ODU. The B.S. Degree in Mathematics at VSU is awarded at the end of the first year at ODU. A minimum of 33 hours in Mathematics and 8 hours in Computer Science at VSU is required.

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